The Corliss Law Group, Five Stage of Retirement Planning

The five stages of retirement planning is one of the most valuable lessons one will ever derive from Corliss Law Group’s website. Makes me wonder why our high school teachers never taught us this. Or, perhaps, they did but did not make it interesting or forceful enough as to make a dent in my small memory.


Accumulation, the first step, is the obvious foundation in any financial venture. Starting early and saving as much as one can are the trade secrets. But the young rarely see the wisdom of this. Perhaps, it is high time parents did this for their kids. And I guess some are already doing it. Some companies must have certain facilities for such “training” or preparatory investments. Saving for a rainy day is a built-in wisdom and instinct for ants; unfortunately, humans are devoid of this self-survival mechanism. Society must provide it for its constituents.


The pre-retirement phase is a more tedious undertaking as it involves some research and awareness of legal requirements. But at 50, one begins to be conscious about one’s vulnerability and one cannot avoid postponing indefinitely the eventual lean years in the near future. So, basically, one has no better choice than to follow the advice given in the Corliss page. Their experience on the matter overwhelms one’s resistance through self-denial.


Early retirement is a common option for many employees today. It has come as a part of the downsizing or retrenchment of companies and institutions undergoing financial challenges. It has resulted in the existence of so many people enjoying the benefits of early retirement while remaining active either in new jobs or other pursuits close to their hearts, such as involvement in music, church work, charity and other concerns. Definitely, being productive at this stage helps in augmenting one’s egg nest for the latter years. It also provides a new release of energy for the not-so-elderly.


Middle- and Late-Retirement Phases are the waning years of one’s earthly life. Practical advices on these phases’ points to the options one has in terms of how one manages the aging process and how one supports one’s financial needs. Corliss, as they assure us, would come in as a valuable and handy partner.


So, aside from family and friends (if you have such faithful friends remaining in the latter years), it should also be to your advantage to get to know a company like Corliss to help you meet the challenges of the retirement process.